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Closing of the Bones Ceremony

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 110 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Closing of the bones is a cross-cultural practice to bring grounding and holding to the body. Used postpartum (or at significant milestones) it is a beautiful time to bring ourselves ‘back together', after so much physical, emotional and spiritual opening. Each session is about 90mins, this includes having cacao, sharings about birth/postpartum so I can orient to where you’re at, and the wrapping ceremony. The wrapping ‘closing of the bones’ can happen at any stage postpartum (2 days - 20+) years and also happen multiple times. If there’s been a cesarean birth then we wait until the incision has healed. It is lovely if you have someone (a close friend, partner, or family member) that you’d like to join you for the ceremony. This witnessing is special to close the loop on the rite of passage of birth. Also if you want to come just you, then that is perfect too. I have a beautiful quiet space at home (in Mount Albert) to use, however, if you’re under 6 weeks postpartum I can come to you if that’s preferred.

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