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Lucy Brooking;
Mother, sister, daughter.
INNATE Postpartum Care Provider

Postpartum Care

Each family unit is so different, yet the care a women's body needs post-birth is fundamentally the same. I am here to provide in-home care for your postpartum journey to help ease the major transtion of welcoming a baby into your family life.

My servies are grounded in cetering the mother, in the belief that when mother is well - family is well. This means I cater each visit and service to aim for for optimum healing, bonding, feeding, and long term wellness.

In-home visits are tailored for each family, these may include:
- Warming, norishing and nutrient rich foods specific to postaprtum healing.
- Massage
- Yoni Steaming
- Closing of the bones/belly wrapping
- Support in using herbs and alternative modalities

Please be in touh to connect and see if we are a right fit for eachother :)


Postpartum Care

Birth Support

I belive every mother has what they need within themselves to bring their baby earth side in the most beautiful and powerful way, and I believe what makes this possible is the least interferance - as no one has higher authority and instincts than the birthing mama herself!

If you're on the path of sovereign/free birth, and would like a supportive presence to either prep or be present with you then I would love to hear from you.

Supporting births in Auckland, NZ.

Birth Support / Birthkeeper

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