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Welcome to Birth Between Worlds, a creation that is here for mothers and families - to inspire, educate, and empower. 


In case we haven't met, I am Lucy. I'm a mother, sister, daughter, certified INNATE postpartum care provider, and full believer in the abilities of a woman's knowing when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

Throughout pregnancy, I realised the gaping hole in postpartum education. I equipped myself with books, information and stories. Although I felt ready for my postpartum, I was still left with a myriad of emotions and realisations on how I could have prepared further.

When my son was 6 weeks old, I started training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga of INNATE Traditions. This was a poignant time of my mothering journey as I was coming to the end of my 'initial postpartum' time, I was far from ready to 'get back to normal' or succumb to the narrative of regaining my pre-baby body/life back.


I was new, and only just beginning to meet myself in my new world. Over the weeks and months with Rachelle, I was able to put more context to my reality post-birth. I was able to learn and track in my body, mind, and energy what is going on in a womens body post-birth, and how that our modern world (for the most part) does not hold the space for what a mama truly needs in this tender time. 

My philosophy:

I believe when a woman enters the portal of pregnancy, birth and postpartum she has the opportunity to harness parts of herself, heal, transform, and connect deeper with herself. She is born a new, with each birth! To truly embrace this transformational component of a mother's journey, it is essential that she is supported and nourished by a web of others. Our modern culture does not (always) have the infrastructure to support mothers, so a foundational part of my work is to share this valuable information, and resource families so they can truly thrive from pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Together we are living this change of a cultural shift.


With love,



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